Security Light Agreement

Outdoor Light Agreement

PRECorp members who are receiving 120-volt metered electric service and are within the territory of Powder River Energy Corporation are eligible to sign up for an outdoor light feature on their property. The ADDS-LIGHT packages consist of a 150-watt high-pressure sodium lighting at a rate of $9.00 per month plus the COPA factor.


The high-pressure sodium light has a golden tint that does not render colors very well but it does an excellent job of lighting a broad area. The monthly rental fee provides for the installation of a light on any approved PRECorp-owned pole, where 120/240 volt electric service is available, as well as normal maintenance and the electric energy required to power the light.

The installation of a security light requires a signed agreement. One can be downloaded here. Or, go to a PRECorp office in Sundance or Gillette.

Call us at 1-800-442-3630, or request a form via email.

In all cases, we will need a signed copy returned to our office before we can initiate work.

Normal maintenance:
PRECorp will repair or replace an inoperative security light as soon as is practical after receiving official notice from the member. Members can notify PRECorp of a malfunctioning light via the phone, fax, email or just mail a letter.

There is no reduction in the rental charges on inoperative security lights unless the unit has been down for more than three regular business working days after PRECorp has received official notice of the inoperative condition. After this time, a discount of $0.30 per day may be deducted from the rental charge until the device is repaired or replaced.

Security Light Agreement
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  4. This agreement shall become effective on the date above written and shall remain in effect for one year following the initial billing for the light and thereafter until by either party giving the other one month notice in writing.
  5. Should it be necessary to cancel this agreement prior to the one year term, then all monies shall become due and payable to fulfill the remainder of the agreement, along with all cost of collection and reasonable attorney fees plus interest thereon, at the rate of one and one-half percent per month.
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